One of the single greatest capital expenditures most companies face is benefits. With health insurance consuming an ever-larger portion of overhead, fiscally responsible employers are concerned with cost containment. At The Wealth Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to design programs that strive to provide the proper levels of coverage at an economical price. Too often, employee benefits are seen as a commodity and pricing as the only decision factor.
Serving as an extension of your benefits administration staff, WCG will:

  • Begin with an examination of programs in place, then identify strengths, inefficiencies and possible areas of regulatory non-compliance.
  • Evaluate different plans and funding alternatives, negotiate with carriers, and deliver a summary of recommended plan provisions, costs and benefits. Many times, our recommendations may result in improving tax efficiency of existing plans, making benefits more meaningful to the recipient.
  • Assist with the myriad details involved in implementation and administration.
  • Recommend and spearhead methods for proper communication with employees to help ensure that they appreciate the benefits of the plan and use it most effectively.

In short, you can hand us a problem and have confidence that we will find an appropriate strategy to address it—and that we will handle ongoing administration thoroughly and efficiently. WCG places group health, life, disability, long-term care, and dental plans for companies ranging in size from five employees to many thousands. We provide the following services:

  • Define client objectives and design plans that pursue those objectives.
  • Provide an in-depth annual review of all programs to help ensure competitive rates and benefit design.
  • Re-bid insurance contracts periodically and analyze competitive quotes.
  • Recommend modifications as necessary to comply with changing government regulations and shifts in the marketplace.
  • Review and coordinate employee communications programs, including staff meetings, notices, booklets, certificates, ERISA information, COBRA notices, and contracts (in the event of benefit and/or carrier changes).
  • Serve as our clients' representatives in negotiating with insurance carriers and providers in areas such as rating, disputed claims, contract interpretations and administration disagreements. We also work directly with our clients' employees to help resolve any claim questions.

Tax services are not offered by The Wealth Consulting Group, WCG Wealth Advisors, LPL Financial or affiliated advisors.